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Turbine and Gas Model Q-Switch

Manufacturer: Advanced Radio
Delivery date: 3-5 days
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Control all the power to your Turbine and Gas models receiver, ECU/Ignition and AUX batteries simply with one easy to use switch.
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With Q-Switch up to 4 batteries in total can be isolated with one Pin Flag Switch, Remote Switch or Magnetic Switch. Q-Switch allows you to control Dual Receiver batteries, ECU or ignition battery, Lights and Electric Retracts all from a dual optical isolated circuit with a single switch unit.


* Ultra low foot print for the best scale looks.

* Shared dual receiver or single receiver outputs.

* ECU and AUX battery circuits are completely independent of the receiver batteries and controlled with a single pin flag.

* Works with all battery chemistries. LiFe. LiPo, Lion, NiMh, NiCD. Battery voltage range can be from 2.5volts to 28 volts.

* Capable of handling input voltages up to 28volts.

* ECU is supplied with 16AWG wire as standard, for high current carry capacity.

* Minimal external Footprint - All you see on the outside of your model is a 3mm pin Flag socket and (if required) a ultra bright Blue LED. The pin Flag controls the internal power switch and dual battery redundancy.

* Full Dual Battery Redundancy for receiver batteries. - If one receiver battery fails the other battery takes full control.

* Maximum Battery Power Balancing - In a dual battery system Q-Switch draws current proportionally from both batteries while moving both batteries to a complete load balance situation. This means you get the maximum capacity out of both batteries all the time.

* 2 x 25 amp independent receiver circuits. Q-Switch is 4 x 25amp circuits into a high power matching battery redundancy circuit. Q-Switch actually uses 8 x 50 amp rated FET circuits for battery power matching. We passively rate Q-Switch at 25amps per circuit.

3 years ago, we were setting up a large model with dual batteries for receiver, a battery for lights, battery for ECU and a battery for retracts. We looked at all the cables and switches we needed to turn everything on and off and thought someone needs to design a switch that controls all batteries on/off function with a single switch. This is where the Q-Switch design can from. Since the first release we have now added in dual optically isolated circuits for gas model ignition units, so Q-Switch is now the ideal choice for all your large scale single or dual motor gas or turbine models.

Q-Switch comes with our proven battery sharing technology and battery redundancy technology built right in. The Q-switch shares the power of your receiver batteries and supplies them to your receivers(s) giving you the best possible flight time for you model. The Q-switch can be used with a single receiver or dual receiver set up. Just plug in and you are ready to go fly.

Q-Switch can be switched with our Pin Flag Switch, Remote Switch or the Magnetic Switch by simply plugging in the appropriate switch control module. We have included our ultra-bright daylight Blue LED to show you if the model is powered or unpowered.

With the minimal footprint the Q-switch can be mounted internally anywhere in your model. And to satisfy you connection needs you can use our industry standard connecting cables to set up your new
Q-Switch simply without the need to solder any cables.


Features and Specifications

  • Switches 4 x batteries of varying chemistry from a single switch.
  • All switching circuits are rated for up to 12Volt switching.
  • Available in Pin Flag Switch, Remote Switch or Magnetic Switch versions
  • Switches Dual Redundant receiver batteries.
  • Switches 2 x Optically isolated outputs to connect single or dual Ignition units.
  • 2 x ECU switching outputs to switch single or Twin turbines.
  • Works with all ECU and ignition units.
  • Switches lights and/or electric retracts.
  • AR industry standard XT30 30A connectors.
  • Connects to MPX, XT60, Deans Ultra, EC3 with simple adaptor cables.
  • Dual receiver battery circuit rated at 15A (40A burst).
  • Optically Isolated circuits rated at 15A per circuit (40A burst).
  • Size 46mm x 48mm x 18mm
  • Size 1.8 inches x 1.9 inches x 0.7 inches

Q-Switch uses the Advanced Radio Dual battery redundancy technology and will work as a main switch for any power expander system.





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