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Compression barb for 4mm Festo Tubing

Festo 4mm high flow fitting for 4mm tubing

Compression barb for 6mm Festo Tubing

Festo 6mm high flow fitting for 6mm tubing

Compression barb for 8mm Festo Tubing

Festo 8mm high flow fitting for 8mm tubing

Digitech Fuel Tank Fitting

High Flow Fuel tank fitting

Digitech Ultimate airtrap 100ML

Digitech Air Trap 100Ml High Flow Best Airtap.

Digitech Ultimate airtrap 160ML

160ML High Flow for turbines up to 210N-m.

Digitech Ultimate Airtrap 250ML

250ML High Flow air Trap.

Festo Seal G1/8

Self Sealing O ring for G1/8 fitting

Maglock Fuel and Air vent system

The complete set contains 1 x Fuselage receiver part., 1 x Fuel stopper with FLag, Festo M7 x 6mm for 6mm OD tubing.

Magnet for Maglock Fuel and Air vent system

Magnet for the Magnetic Lock.