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Air traps and UATs

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Digitech Ultimate airtrap 100ML

Digitech Air Trap 100Ml High Flow Best Airtap.
€67.96 (Euro)

Digitech Ultimate airtrap 160ML

160ML High Flow for turbines up to 210N-m.
€104.21 (Euro)

Digitech Ultimate Airtrap 250ML

250ML High Flow air Trap.
€113.28 (Euro)

Maglock Fuel and Air vent system

The complete set contains 1 x Fuselage receiver part., 1 x Fuel stopper with FLag, Festo M7 x 6mm for 6mm OD tubing.
€27.19 (Euro)

Ultimate Fuel Clunck

Ultimate Fuel Clunk with fuel sock
€18.12 (Euro)

Probe for Maglock Fuel and Air vent system

Probe for the Magnetic Lock. contains the Probe incl a Connection to tubing.
€13.59 (Euro)

O-ring seal for Maglock Fuel and Air vent system

O Ring for the Magnetic Lock.
€1.36 (Euro)

Festo Seal G1/8

Self Sealing O ring for G1/8 fitting
€1.81 (Euro)

Compression barb for 4mm Festo Tubing

Festo 4mm high flow fitting for 4mm tubing
€5.44 (Euro)

Compression barb for 6mm Festo Tubing

Festo 6mm high flow fitting for 6mm tubing
€5.44 (Euro)

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